Nursing informatics is a specialty that not only processes data, but also needs them and feeds on any information that is established for collaborative exchange, therefore it is a tool for the development of any science. In the case of nursing it is essential for it to reach its maximum development and needs the latest advances in science and technology.
Nursing informatics is very important because through this we can identify advances in technology and science and put it at the service of the community to have more accurate knowledge about the behavior of health events that occur in them. At the same time, information technology allows us to know more precisely the frequency of these health events through statistical data to formulate policies for the future, in the prevention of diseases.
For example, through this method we can know when a disease is likely to occur and schedule vaccination schedules to cut the cycle of the disease and it does not occur in a population of finished. Additionally, is also very important because it allows us to know scientific advances such as the evolution of diseases, possible contacts, new symptoms, and specialized drugs to combat them, as well as new techniques and methods for nursing assistance in patients.