“The way to keep children out of trouble is to keep them interested in things. Lecturing to children is no answer to delinquency. Preaching won’t keep kids out of trouble. But keeping their minds occupied will. ” Walt maintains that animation is the hardest way to make a picture since it is the most demanding storywise.

Walt was more interested in the story and music and so, his decisions made everyone on their toes. He said that basically, in animation, it is what to draw, not just the ability to draw. Walt stayed with his artists during work. He remarks, “When a mouse stops, his tail goes around.

I used to put in my entire time with the artists until they got better.

” (McDonald, 1977, p. 224). Thus, Disney takes the employees’ motivation into consideration. Disney gives rewards that motivate employees to achieve the Spirit of Fred Award.

This was named after a model employee called Fred, who rose from the ranks. Five people taught him the values necessary for success at Disney and this inspired him to be friendly, resourceful, enthusiastic and dependable (FRED), an acronym of his name. Employees at Walt Disney strive to uphold these virtues and this Lifetime Fred Award became a much-coveted award.

Management believes that what tends to motivate workers the most are such intangibles as being appreciated for the work they have done, being kept informed about things that affect them and having a sympathetic manager who takes the time to listen to them (Disney Meetings).

There are also perks given to employees to encourage them to perform consistently at a heightened level. A reward can be as simple as a spa gift certificate or days off or fancy parties. As long as it fosters a sense of a job well-done, this will increase an employee’s desire to do the job well. It will result in a self-driven desire to work harder.

A sense of competence is fostered by their managers who make sure that employees have the abilities and support needed to achieve a high level of competence. Communication During his time, Walt Disney established his studio as Hollywood’s most prestigious animation house. It maintained its independence and gave him the leeway to go spur his animated cartoons into commercial prominence. Its production on “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), and, during Hollywood’s golden age, was one of the most venerated and decorated filmmakers in the American cinema. ” (Aberdeen, J. A.

Hollywood Renegades).

Snow White overturned all film records that impressed people around the world. He also became part of the Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers. This organization gathered art enthusiasts who blended art and commerce that characterized independent producers of classic Hollywood. Gibson (2000) defines motivation as the “art of helping people to focus their minds and energies on doing their work as effectively as possible. ” The task is to decide to motivate everyone, at all times, through every possible technique or approach available and apt for the situations.

They need to enjoy themselves in the process. There are many questions that have to be answered, such as who are the people, what are their job tasks, how do they get paid, with whom do they work? Because of these varied and ever-changing elements in motivation, this is not a simple or easy task”. The difficulty is that all people are different from one another in many ways; hence what might motivate one person does not necessarily work for another person – different strokes for different folks. This is all the more glaring with hospitality industry employees.

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