My research focuses on the Marketing Information System of Food Lion, LLC. In their marketing efforts, the company emphasizes on customer service and low prices. There is a continuous implementation of discounts on high-quality products in their stores. A few factors distinguish this company from other grocers and it is their customized Marketing Information System that utilizes consumer information in different regions to accommodate the consumer interests in that area. It is quite sophisticated, but simple because their success has been dictated by their equally neighborhood-friendly services that market their company’s image thoroughly.

Surveys, questionnaires, customer benefits, and announcements are used to track their customer service efforts as well as their pricing strategies in their market.

Many of the surveys as general demographic questions such as age, gender, location, gross income, and consumer shopping habits. As they generate this information, they use the surveys to strengthen their weak spots in their marketing plans to target the right customers in the region. There are over 1,300 stores in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states.

Each store offers a certain product at a different time – it can be seen on the offers online.

Food Lion’s ability to customize their sales for their reason gives them leverage over the competition. Food Lion utilizes membership card benefits; e. g. MVP cards, that give consumers 15% to 50% off of certain products.

Coupon benefits help consumers save money on their frequent purchases and allow competitors to surface among consumers. Food Lion’s ability to brand their image into the customer’s minds excels the effectiveness of their prices and services.