Format your essay so that it looks neat and professional. Type your essay so that it looks nice and neat, double-spacing it and making sure the margins are correct. When the judges open up your envelope to find a super flat or nicely folded essay without any smudges on the paper, they’ll think of you as a more professional writer.

Other Question and Answers that can be helpful for you

1. How to write an essay for a contest?

If you’re planning to write an essay for a contest, you need to find a way to be unique. The truth of the matter is, spending too much time on something may cause a change of heart. This is because we allow ourselves to overthink scenarios. The same thing goes for essay writing. A surge of creative ideas will only come at a certain time.

2. When should I submit my essay to a college essay competition?

Submit your essay before the deadline. While you should make sure to submit the essay at least by the deadline, it’s even better to submit it well before the submission date. This will help ensure the judges have lots of time to read your essay and don’t have to rush through it to read all of the other essays that were submitted on the deadline.

3. How to write a winning college essay?

You can do this by telling a story or a quote that relates to the given theme. However, you need still need to keep it short essay. Remember to be concise with the way you construct your introduction. A winning essay is no different from a simple college essay, as it still consists of the basic parts of an essay.

4. How to write an essay?

An essay should always start with an introduction which functions as a brief outline of your paper’s topic and major points. The introduction should conclude with a thesis statement that sums up the purpose or primary argument of your essay.